I've done this picture in Photoshop, I like it, it looks mysterious and magical - sweetMAGIC :-) I'll see if I can upload this picture onto stardoll into my presentation, :D ElizaII is my name on stardoll for everyone who would like to know xD, hahah :-) And I don't see anything wrong with this picture, it's not insulting in any way xD, hahaha.

Hellooo :D I've blogged three days in a row, it must be a new record for 2010! Hahaha, I really need to go out, but my foot is still injured - I think. There's a little pain in the backside of the ankle, but I can walk, lucky :D
Or not, it's called luck inside of the bad luck, and I'm always having luck in bad luck :( Why can't it just be good luck?
I'm very sceptical to religion, it's not wrong to believe in it, but as I said, I'm very sceptical to it, it's because there's no proof, so... Well, I'd like to see God with my own eyes before I start to believe xD. But I still believe at God, don't know why though, :)
Someone told me this, there's a balance in everything, if you have bad luck, you'll get good luck. Vice Versa.
It's true.
Postat av: Yiyi [Foto & Design]

Grymt! :)

2010-07-17 @ 13:31:40
URL: http://designflower.blogg.se/
Postat av: Yiyi [Foto & Design]

Sv: Hon ville ha den lite lik byellens design x)

2010-07-17 @ 15:50:11
URL: http://designflower.blogg.se/
Postat av: Dilaan D

duktigt ! :D

2010-07-25 @ 22:00:20
URL: http://dilaanisme.blogspot.com

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