2014-09-12 | 20:03:34
I rarely update my blog whatsoever nowadays, but since it's due to practice the English language I might as well do it here, where no one reads it :D School's recently started and I'm back on track after almost three months of holidays (which I greatly enjoyed).
This year's going to be amazing and less stressful (or so I hope) than last term. Ha! Last term was hell, no joke. The assignments kept piling up and as time went by, I had nothing done to hand in which led to my inevitable breakdown. That's by no means healthy, however, I've got to point out the fact that I freaking made it! *Jason Mraz's song "You fucking did it" starts playing*.
Anyway, I'm taking the Creative Writing course, and at first I was a little bit doubtful because I haven't done much writing besides the assignments (it explains my sucky writing right now), but I remain hopeful to improve myself :) Today was the second lesson, and it already feels much better. We were to choose a poem we liked and then retell it visually. I love it, my creativity and muse have been crumbled under the pressure of all the other things I had to do, but it feels as if they're returning. 
Oh well, I'm going to clean the house now so I'll conclude this post by showing you (whoever you are) a picture I finished today :D

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