I've drawed this because I was bored, hahah, the black background took a long time for me... But it's good, I need to do something

I have no desire to blog, at all, but I just wanted to put up the picture, haha, to fill my blog, I've had this blog for more than a year I 've only written 162 entries -.- I'm doing not anything special, so that might be the reason I'm not blogging...

I've been shopping since there's a summer sale, but it's really hot in the city O.o You're burning, and it's hard to breath in the tram >:'O
I hate my brother. Bye bye :p
Postat av: ema

omg du är så duktig! Vilken jäkla talang du har, tjejen ! :o

2010-07-14 @ 11:59:47
URL: http://cheerupemokidz.blogg.se/
Postat av: Sookiii

Damn, your good at painting:)

2010-07-16 @ 13:43:53
URL: http://sookiiisok.blogg.se/

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