2014-09-22 | 22:50:00
Blargh Blargh
My titles are the epitomes of eloquence, hehehe. What nonsense did I do this weekend? I visisted my grandma! It was a long time ago, although I already saw her the Wednesday before this, but it was only a quick visit to hand her food my mum made. Whilst there my uncle showed me how to program with blocks and found it impressive that I could read and understand what he made. He initially wanted to hand me a challenge to write my own application, but ain't nobody got time fo that, ya feel?

I had to do my homework, as the diligent girl I am, in Maths, or I'd fall behind, so I kept fighting on with combinatorics and probability. Honestly, I feel so unknowing when I try to answer the questions, because most of them use situations in poker and yatzy, both of which I have no idea how to play. Ever since I was young, my parents refused to let me come close to any cards because they thought I'd get addicted to gambling, and well, they proved themselves to be successful in that department ;___; What they left me was ignorance since I have to google what terms like "straight flush" or "poker hand" actually means. Yeap. #firstworldproblems
At my grandma's, I also met my two other cousins who I rarely see nowadays, and it was nice change ^^ We decided to eat at the Turkish restaurant Saray the next day, and one of them decided to pay the bill as a birthday gift for both of us :D I'm not the one to deny free food, not to mention it was delicious! 
All of us ordered "Saray's special", which consisted of lamb, grilled chicken skewers (fun fact: I just googled for a couple of minutes what it was actually called in English), beef and entrecôte, rosted potato wedges, rice, kebab, salad, and yogurt. Mmmmmm.... 
I was so full it almost felt like as if my stomach would explode .___.
Me after eating this delicious meal:
I'll have to leave now and finish my many paintings ^^! Baaaiaiai
2014-09-15 | 22:38:44
Why, hello there!
I haven't forgetten to update, it's just that I've been busy during the weekend. My cold that I caught a week ago has lessened considerably, which is fortunate, seeing as I loathe sneezing every five minutes :|. Anyway, I went to work on Saturday (courtesy of Emil who got me the job :D), and it went on fine, although I almost fell asleep because of my lack of sleep the night before... 
It was an uneventful day to sum it up, however, the day after that compensated it quite well to say the least. Sunday, the day where all legal Swedish citizens were to vote for a new political party to govern our country. Before this, we had Alliansen (don't know an equivalent term for that in English) but it seems as if many of their voters chose to support SD this time. I believe that most people were gaping with their jaws on the floor as they saw the results. Almost 13% (!) voted for political party with malicious intentions. Hm, I wonder how it will go on from here. Nobody really know of what's going on, nor what's going to happen, since "this is an unknown territory in Swedish politics". I know too little to make any further comments.
Moving on, I've finished half of my visual intepretation of the poem "In the Desert" by Stephen Crane, and I'll have to say that I'm proud of it. The picture wasn't intended to become the final piece as I was only doodling around, but I like the way it turned out. 
In the desert
I saw a creature, naked, bestial,
Who, squatting upon the ground,
Held his heart in his hands,
And ate of it.
I said, “Is it good, friend?”
“It is bitter—bitter,” he answered;

“But I like it
“Because it is bitter,
“And because it is my heart.”
As said, this is only half of it, there's another one I will show up in a few days notice ^^. I love the way the colours contrast against the dark background, highlighting emotions and illuminating the "monster's" features :) And his soulless stare while tearing away his bitter-bitter heart.
Adios, amigos!
2014-09-12 | 20:03:34
I rarely update my blog whatsoever nowadays, but since it's due to practice the English language I might as well do it here, where no one reads it :D School's recently started and I'm back on track after almost three months of holidays (which I greatly enjoyed).
This year's going to be amazing and less stressful (or so I hope) than last term. Ha! Last term was hell, no joke. The assignments kept piling up and as time went by, I had nothing done to hand in which led to my inevitable breakdown. That's by no means healthy, however, I've got to point out the fact that I freaking made it! *Jason Mraz's song "You fucking did it" starts playing*.
Anyway, I'm taking the Creative Writing course, and at first I was a little bit doubtful because I haven't done much writing besides the assignments (it explains my sucky writing right now), but I remain hopeful to improve myself :) Today was the second lesson, and it already feels much better. We were to choose a poem we liked and then retell it visually. I love it, my creativity and muse have been crumbled under the pressure of all the other things I had to do, but it feels as if they're returning. 
Oh well, I'm going to clean the house now so I'll conclude this post by showing you (whoever you are) a picture I finished today :D